Sunday, May 03, 2015
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Welcome to the National Trauma Research Centre

Every year in Australia, approximately 10,000 people die from injuries sustained during the course of their daily lives. More children and young adults die from traumatic injury than any other cause. Every month 30,000 injured Australians are hospitalised, and every day 600,000 Australians (and their families) live with significant and ongoing health burdens. 

The mission and the goals of the National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI) are focussed on reducing death and disability, and improving the quality of life of survivors of traumatic injury.

We do this through:

  • Innovative programs of research and research translation
  • Exchanging knowledge through effective partnerships and dialogue
  • Improving systems of trauma care
  • Building awareness of the personal and community impact of traumatic injury
  • Mentoring the next generation of research leaders

Patient Lifecycle

The NTRI is a partnership between Alfred Health and Monash University.

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